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Botox for Migraine Treatment in North Carolina


Although Botox injections are commonly known for their cosmetic applications, they have notable medical benefits as well!

For instance, Botox injections are an effective treatment for migraines. If you suffer from chronic migraines, Cardinal Headache Center offers Botox treatment to help alleviate your migraine symptoms and provide long-lasting relief.


The providers at Cardinal Headache Center are highly trained and certified Botox injectors by Abbvie, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Botox. This means they have undergone rigorous training and testing to ensure they have the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively administer Botox injections for headache relief. Patients can trust that they are receiving the highest quality care from these certified professionals and should not settle for anything less when seeking Botox treatment for their headaches.

How does it work?

By hindering pain signals from reaching nerve endings in your head and neck, Botox injections can aid in providing relief from migraines. The key component in Botox injections is botulinum toxin A, which functions as a neuromodulator. As a neuromodulator, Botox injections impede the flow of certain chemicals called neurotransmitters from the brain to the nerve endings in specific areas, which helps prevent the transmission of pain signals between the brain and nerve endings. When utilized for migraine treatment, Botox injections are directed towards the nerve endings in the head and neck regions.

Where do they inject Botox for migraine?

When utilizing Botox injections to treat migraines, there are various injection sites available for your doctor to administer the treatment.


These sites include the back of the head, forehead, neck, temples, upper back, and upper bridge above the nose.


According to the American Migraine Foundation (AMF) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, Botox injections for migraine treatment typically involve 31 injections with five units of the botulinum toxin A per injection in the seven areas mentioned above. However, the number of injections may differ depending on the severity and location of your symptoms, as well as your medical history.

The injection procedure is rapid, non-invasive, and generates minimal to no pain or discomfort. The injections should not take longer than 10 to 15 minutes, and you should be able to resume your daily routine without complications.


What is the success rate of Botox for migraines?

Botox has been proven to be a secure and remarkably effective treatment for migraines, according to various studies. In most cases, it has been reported to reduce the number of headache days by around 50%. In 2010, the FDA endorsed Botox injections for the treatment of migraines, highlighting their efficacy and safety. While it may not work for everyone, it has demonstrated to be beneficial to a vast majority of patients who suffer from chronic migraines.

How long does Botox for migraines last?

The effectiveness of Botox injections in relieving migraine symptoms typically lasts for a considerable amount of time. Generally, patients experience a noticeable reduction in their symptoms for around 10 to 12 weeks. This duration of relief is why many patients who suffer from chronic migraines undergo Botox injections once every 12 weeks or until their chronic migraines cease to exist. For first-time patients receiving Botox injections for migraine treatment, it may take anywhere between 10 days to two weeks before they begin noticing an improvement in their symptoms.

At Cardinal Headache Center, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with more information about Botox injections for migraines or to schedule an appointment. You can contact us by calling our office or by scheduling an appointment through our website. Our services are available to patients from various locations in North Carolina, such as Raleigh, Charlotte, Clayton, Durham, Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Hope Mills, Wade, Stedman, Lumberton, Lillington, Raeford, Greenville, Elizabeth City, and Vander. We look forward to hearing from you!

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