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Personalized Headache Care

For Anyone, Anywhere, at Anytime. 

Virtual visits available for all of North Carolina. 




Welcome to Cardinal Headache Center, your premier destination for comprehensive specialized headache care. 

As the first and only headache specialty clinic in south-central North Carolina, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and expertise in the field of headache medicine.  

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is committed to delivering the highest quality of care to patients, ensuring timely and effective treatments tailored to each individual's unique needs.

We offer a full spectrum of treatment options, including medication therapies and advanced procedures such as Botox, available at select locations.

Whether you require chronic routine management, acute evaluation, or medication visits, our clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional care.

About Us

A Headache Specialist or Neurologist’s schedule is usually booked months in advance, which means you may have to wait weeks to see them. With us in most cases you will be seen within 1 week.

We are committed to providing the best care possible and know you can't always come in during normal business hours. That's why we offer evening and weekend appointments.

Imaging, diagnosis and treatment. We stay up to date on the latest treatment options  including a variety of acute  and preventive therapies

Unlike other  clinics, we consider ourselves partners in your health.  We work with you personally tailor your treatment.


Why Choose Us?

Some of the conditions we treat

cluster headache



Tension Headache


Cluster Headache

tension headache

Occipital Neuralgia


Patient Stories

“Being a professional it was very hard for me to arrange my schedule to go to standard doctor appointments. Cardinal Headache Center gave me the flexibility I needed and the excellent care I deserve”

Jackie, 27
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